Muslin Squares 3-pack

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Breathable, versatile and silky soft, our natural cotton muslin square cloths are perfect for taking care of your baby's delicate skin and devious messes.


  • Set of 3 muslin squares (12" x 16")
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Why Blaynk

Because your little one deserves nothing less...

Easily irritated skin? Chemical infused and bleached fabrics no longer your cup of tea?

Then click below for all the reasons to go au naturel with Blaynk.

We've redefined organic

Our cotton is 100% organic. No GMO seeds or synthetic pesticides. No chemicals, dyes or bleach.

We only source materials from and rely on partners that are MADE IN GREEN (OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 + STeP) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. GOTS is the world's most stringent standard for producing organic cotton textiles. Independent monitors ensure key protections are in place from the cotton seed to your doorstep.

We are dye, bleach and chemical free

Textile dyeing is one of the most pollutive industrial processes in the world, so our fabrics come completely undyed to highlight the airy, all-natural color of cotton. Nature has great taste.

We use only harvested rainwater

Most companies use harmful chemicals and detergents in manufacturing. Blaynk is the first fabric of its kind, to be produced using pure, harvested rainwater to process all our fabric—and nothing else.

Our factories are also equipped with a treatment plant where 99% of water is recycled.

We use only wind energy

Our manufacturing is 100% powered by wind energy. That means no carbon emissions.

The truth about textiles

Most cotton fabrics have been treated with countless chemicals and produced in ways that destroy the environment (yep, even the organic ones). We set out to change that.

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Beyond organic

Blaynk fabrics are made with just three things: organic cotton, harvested rainwater and wind energy. Nothing else. Our mission is to go much further than what most organic certifications require.