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Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

Organic, Unbleached, Undyed.

The bed sheets most of us climb into each night have been treated with countless chemicals, and produced in ways that destroy the environment (yep, even the organic ones). Blaynk fabrics are made with just three things: organic cotton, rainwater, and wind power. Nothing else.

Entirely Natural
No chemicals
Never dyed or bleached.
Superior weave.
Try any Blaynk product for 30 days. If you don't love it, we'll give you a full refund. Organic Cotton Duvet Cover

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  • Tell Me more about Blaynk.

    We grew up in and around the fabric industry. After years spent examining the manufacturing and seeing its chemical underbelly, we knew there had to be a higher standard for the fabrics that surround our lives.

    So: We got to work on a way better way to make bed sheets. The final product is a win-win-win-win: for you, your bed, the planet, and anyone you share your bed (or the planet) with.

  • How is it made with rain water?

    Most companies use harmful chemicals and detergents in manufacturing. Blaynk is the first fabric of it's kind, to be produced using pure, harvested rainwater to process all our fabric—and nothing else.

  • How is it made with wind power?

    Our factory is 100% powered by wind energy. That means no carbon emissions.

  • Tell me more about your organic cotton

    No chemicals or pesticides are used in growing organic cotton. Our cotton farmers are certified by Fair Trade USA, and Global Organic Textile Standard.

    Our 400 TC percale fabric is more breathable, lightweight and longer lasting than other popular weaves. (and it just gets better after every wash)

  • Why don't you dye your fabrics?

    Textile dyeing is one of the most pollutive industrial processes in the world, so our fabrics come completely undyed to highlight the airy, all-natural color of cotton. Nature has great taste.

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